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Back to the Future : The theme of our new collection

Are you nostalgic for the 70's? STRUKTUR eyewear is back with a new collection that will delight many! The Seventies are a decade of inspiring fashion that still has an impact on today's fashion. Symbol of freedom, assumed claims and bright colors, fashion was free from all codes. An inspiration for STRUKTUR!

A new collection with a retro modern style

Young Marty Macfly won't be the only one to take a trip back in time. We are back this year with a spring collection in a retro modern style. Six new models, mainly with a feminine character, are joining our world. This collection is for all those who love identity fashion. As you know, at STRUKTUR we do not fear boldness. Each model brings a touch of class to a woman who is assertive, emancipated and has strong convictions. By wearing an ODYSSÉE, a SEVENTIES or a START 14, she chooses to embody charisma and assurance with brio. In a nod to the ultra-colorful fashion of the Seventies, each model is available in 6 colors. Pop colors, with neon effect or scaled patterns. When you wear one of these frames, you'll be remembered, that's for sure!

Trendy colors

Retro, yes, but let's not forget the modern side! Purple like the color of the year Veri Peri, green or pink; we offer a wide choice of colors to stay in the fashion trends of the year.

Discover the colors you must have!

The NIGHT FEVER - Green Neon

The Neon Green is a beautiful apple green combined with a thick transparent layer. This dynamic color has a lot of charm. Best matched with white or grey, the Green Neon will certainly bring a touch of freshness and originality to your look.

The START 14 – Olive Twist

Olive Twist is a more subtle but equally attractive shade of green. This color is rather soft and thus makes its effect.

The SEVENTIES – Pink Neon

Pink Neon just cannot be missed! This vibrant pink has a lot of character. With a color like this, let your creativity run wild by mixing it with green, orange or even blue.

Genuine French manufacturing

Carefully manufactured, each model offers long-lasting comfort. The design of all our models is adapted to a face according to its specificities and characteristics. A know-how in manufacturing, not to be neglected to obtain frames of qualities.


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