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We all have in mind a specific movie or celebrity when we talk about eyewear in cinema. The fictive character Harry Potter, Tom Cruise in the famous Top Gun or Jean Reno in Leon, the list goes on. The glasses are an integral part of the character, they highlight the charisma and mystery of him. Much more than a fashion accessory, they enhance an attitude, a style. Let's come back on 5 iconic frames of the cinema.


Round glasses are timeless. For years, they have not left the tendency. Whoopie Goldberg wears them in sunglasses in the movie Sister Act with her character Dolores Van Cartier. A round frame that accentuates her extravagant and dynamic character. For men and women, the round has no gender. Jean Réno, in Leon wears them just as well. We remember this round pair of sunglasses in metal that gives him a mysterious and charismatic look.


No one wears them better than Tom Cruise in the movie TOP GUN: Maverick. This aviator style frame is very stylish. They are often worn by "THE" main character because they are a symbol of confidence. They are ideal for a casual chic style.


The legendary black sunglasses of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black are probably the first ones that come to mind. Very mysterious this black & white total look is worthy of a secret agent. This shape is ideal for long faces. We add to that a dark color for more character.


The professor, mastermind of the Casa de Papel is on the list. The frame that he wears wonderfully, is a detail not to be missed. An optical model in acetate at first glance wise but beware of appearances. Everything is played at the nose key that structures the frame and gives it character.


The Cat Eye glasses have a particular charm. A bit like the round glasses, this style is coming back in trend. Susan Sarandon wears a nice pair of sunglasses in Thelma and Louise. This style of shape is ideal for a fresh and elegant feminine look. The Cat Eyes frames brings spice to a style while highlighting the eyes.


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