Handmade in Normandy designer glasses


The collection is created by our designers. Each model is declined in 6 colours.
Our collection is divided in 4 different universes to fit to each personality.

Lunettes fabriquées à la main en Normandie
Made in Normandy

Our collection is handmade by the SOLF production manufacture, located closed to Evreux, in Normandy (FRANCE). Our acetate frames are certified Origine France garantie, a proof of the genuine French production.

French know-how

The SOLF manufacture produces frames since 1966. We put our trust in the French quality and a team of passionate.

Branche struktur - lunettes made in normanide
Lunettes fabriquées en acétate de cellulose - glasses made in acetate
Quality materials

The STRUKTUR frames are made in cellulose acetate, mainly  from Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli 1849™. We create our own colors.

The hinges are from Italian producer Visottica. ZEISS is providing our sun lenses.

A creative work

Each sketch is transformed in a technical drawing. Then, we are milling a prototype in cellulose acetate with CNC machine. After prototype validation, the production can start.