Don't you want to look like anybody but yourself?

This is the everyday mission of STRUKTUR: create qualitative glasses that match with who you are.
Unconventional, STRUKTUR offers colorful and powerful handmade designer frames. With details in its contemporary lines or its glamorous curves, playing with reflection, STRUKTUR eyeglasses break the codes.

Handmade in Normandy

STRUKTUR eyeglasses are the result of a creative work and high quality production. They are Handmade in France, more precisely in Normandy with high quality material and developed by a team of passionate people.
Producing glasses is precise and takes time. Therefore, a prototype of each model is created from our sketches, to provide glasses with refined details.

Designer frames

Since 2008, STRUKTUR eyewear creates the optical and sunglasses. Timeless style, unconventional, the STRUKTUR glasses are the result of a research and design work.

STRUKTUR creates its own colors by mixing acetate layers in order to offer a unique material that cannot be seen anywhere else. While being different each time, STRUKTUR collection is designed to fit every faces to provide unique look.

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